With over 40+ years experience, Stuer-Egghe has become one of Europe's leading Truck Mounted Attenuator specialists

Founded in 1978, Stuer-Egghe built up a strong reputation as manufacturer of heavy duty trailers and special application trailers. Customer demand fueled further research and development of specific trailers with additional lighting and traffic warning systems such as traffic boards and vehicle light roof systems.

With a raise in number of vehicles on roads and an extending road network came also the need for more road work zone safety. This has led to the a further specialization in truck mounted attenuators and the developed of Stuer-Egghe's own TMA brand know as “Julietta”.


Stuer-Egghe Julietta TMA's

The Stuer-Egghe Julietta TMA is unique in that sense that it is the only one in the industry that is built to minimize down-time after impact. We've created an innovative cartridge-type crash cushion that can be replaced within an hour.

Our truck mounted attenuator system has been tested on both European and US vehicles. It undergoes frequent retesting with modern vehicle models to prove its performance and reliability in an evolving automotive world.

We are proud to say that our Julietta TMA’s are used worldwide to increase road work zone safety.


Research & development

Stuer-Egghe continues to innovate and keeps raising the bar of traffic safety systems. Our aim is to help in providing the maximum degree of work zone safety possible.

Ongoing research and development guarantees our new products keep meeting the industry, customer and safety regulation demands.

Discover how our solutions helped our customers create safe work zones all over the world.


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