With over 40 years of experience we have established a large customer base.

Discover here how our TMA 's and road safety products helped our customers create safe work zones all over the world.


Truck Mounted Attenuators are one of the core products of J1LED. This reseller is responsible for the sales and after sales service for Australia.

Thanks to a very good cooperation, mutual respect and of course the incredible efforts J1LED, they were the biggest distributor of Stuer-Egghe TMA’s in Australia in 2017.

10 Production Street
Beenleigh QLD 4207

Saferoad Traffic is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of safety products in Sweden. For more than 10 years now they prefer the Stuer-Egghe “Julietta” TMA's.

Thanks to Saferoad we win several tenders in Sweden each year. They also provide local warranty and guarantee follow up to assure a perfect service to our end users in Sweden.

Volvogatan 2
731 36 KÖPING



Tecnivial is a benchmark in the road safety market in Spain with more than 45 years of experience. Currently is collaborating with the Spanish Ministry of Transport (MITMA) and road conservation companies in the development of a regulatory and technical framework in favour of improving the road safety with the introduction of TMA´s devices in Spain.

In terms of road safety, it is always necessary to work with maximum criterion, reason why Tecnivial bets on the TMA Julietta Max 100 as most appropriate attenuator to be considered by MITMA for road networks optimal safety levels.

Thanks to the good joint work between Tecnivial and Stuer-Egghe, the first Julietta Max 100 TMAs have been installed in Spain & Portugal and an imminent market rebound is expected.

We all work with a common goal: to improve road safety by protecting workers and road users and complying with regulatory road rules.


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