Stuer-Egghe owns and operated a Customer Service Point and a Technical Training Center.


Customer Service Point

Our Customer Service Point provides repairs and rental services.

With an extensive fleet and all products permanently available we can limit down time and delivery times.

Our experienced experts provide solutions while our dispatch and export department can find the fastest way to get the solution where it needs to be in the shortest possible time.

In our Repair Center our trained service technicians are ready to inspect, service and repair your Stuer-Egghe product at all times.

Stuer-Egghe operates it's own Salvage and Rescue Team to assist when TMA's require replacement.

Technical Training Center

As with quality and good service, we believe personnel training is indispensable.

As a service to our customers a Technical Training Center is established at our headquarters in Belgium.

With direct access to our production facilities and Repair Center we are able to provide the latest training materials.

Our instructors have strong theoretical knowledge but are also seasoned and experienced engineers and managers, keeping our focus on quality and customer satisfaction at a high level.


Worldwide Distributor Network

Our worldwide dealer network is directly linked to our Production and Design Center as well as our Sales Department.

By working with a local distributor who closely works with the Stuer-Egghe Headquarters we can quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

All dealer technicians are given extensive hands-on training by our factory instructors to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses and high quality repairs at all times.

Warranty & Safety Guidelines

As part of our commitment to safety and reliability, Stuer-Egghe invests heavily in quality, resulting in a comprehensive warranty coverage.

While the ultimate responsibility for safe operation lies with the operator, all our products are build and designed with your safety in mind.


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