Stuer-Egghe started out as manufacturer of heavy duty trailers and special application trailers. The construction and expertise in the custom development of trailers was the foundation for the expansion into the domain of truck mounted attenuators and modular signalization trailer solutions.

Our S600 and S100 trailers can be extended with a variety of options, variable message signs, signaling boards and LED boards.

The S600 is build on a robust hot-dip galvanized chassis with 4 over-sized 60mm supports.
It is a high quality warning trailer that can be configured to meet your specific needs. It can be equipped with a variety of options, messaging boards and lighting systems.

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The S100 is the S600’s "little brother".
It was designed by the same quality standards, also has a hot-dip galvanized chassis and comes with a nose-wheel and 2 supports.
This trailer provides a quick and effective way to inform traffic during road works. It is available in different versions.

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Warning Boards

We offer a wide range of Belgian Warning Boards.

All our warning boards are frame mounted and can be deployed on a trailer (for example S600 or S100), on our Truck Mounted Attenuators or as a standalone signalization frame.

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Vehicle Lights

Our roof mountable vehicle lights are a quick way to help attend motorists on possible road works or a change in traffic situations .

All lighting systems are built with a maximum visibility in mind. Our vehicle lights can be tailor made to your needs.

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