S100 Pre-warning Trailer


Because of its ‘smaller’ size it is a quick and effective way to warn or inform traffic during road works.

As its bigger brother, the S600, it shares the same build quality and has a robust hot-dip galvanized chassis with nose-wheel and 2 supports.

The flexible S100 trailer can be used as a standalone system or while driving. It also provides a handy storage space for traffic control tools such as cones or additional signalling boards.

Ref: S100


Features & Benefits

  • Hot-dip galvanized chassis with strong nose-wheel and robust supports
  • Available in 750kg axle version
  • 12V system with lockable control / battery box
  • Clear control panel for 15 LED-lights with automatic arrows (S100-LB15)
  • Custom signage with arrow board, LED lights and worker board (S100-SBT2)

General specifications

Length: 1,75m

Width: 1m

Max. axle load: 750kg

Power: 12V


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