S600 Warning Trailer


This large quality trailer will be an added value for you work zones.

It is build on a robust hot-dip galvanized chassis with 4 over-sized 60 mm supports.
The trailer is well balanced: it can be used as a standalone system or while driving.

The S600 is in its segment a leading example of a modular and extendable warning trailer. The trailer can be customized with different options to meet any possible specific needs you may have.

Ref: S600

Features & Benefits

  • Hot-dip galvanized chassis and high quality components
  • Over-sized 60 mm nose-wheel and corner supports
  • Available with panels and light-configurations based on your needs
  • Mega LED lights and lockable metal control / battery box
  • Available in COC approved 750kg, 1300kg, 2700kg axle-versions
  • Full EN 12352 compliant lighting system
  • Optional battery-pack and solar power system for standalone applications
  • Manual or optional hydraulic tilting system with remote control

General specifications

Length: 4,40m

Width: 2,15m

Height: 1,75m – 4,30m

Max. axle load: 750kg to 2700kg versions available

Power: 12V


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Electric Tilt Mechanism


Enhance our S600 warning trailer with the optional electric hydraulic tilting mechanism for easy lift of the signalling frame.

Manual Tilting System


The manual hydraulic lift mechanism provides manual control over the frame lifting mechanism with zero effort.

Lockable Battery Box


The lockable battery box provides enough power to provide lighting for the standalone trailer. Equip the trailer with our optional solar panel in combination with the battery pack for the ultimate standby power source.

Adjustable Knott Coupling


Our S600 trailers can be equipped with an optional fully adjustable Knott coupling, for ultimate flexibility in trailer usage and deployment.

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