Our vehicle roof-mountable signalling lights provide a quick and easy way to inform traffic about upcoming dangerous situations, road works or other traffic interventions.

Full customizable, easy installation and controlled by your Android smartphone. Available in different types and models, with various lighting setups.

DAKP1 (A, B or C)

Our DAKP1 running light is equipped with 7 LED lights.
It is the easiest way to turn a normal vehicle into a clear ‘messaging vehicle’.
Choose between different ‘programs’ from within the vehicle using an Android based smartphone app or by directly controlling the device.


  • simple and quick installation
  • clear LED-lights (5 amber, 2 red)
  • lightweight construction that is easy to mount on roof rails
  • 3 programs
  • 12V or 24V (optional)
  • available in 3 versions: DAKP1-A, DAKP1-B, DAKP1-C



  • H x W x L: 16 cm x 110 cm x 14 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg

DAKP3 (A or B)

The DAKP3 warning board can be tilted from within the vehicle.
5 LED lights - as running lights.
22 LED lights - as different programs when the board is tilted upwards.

Both are interconnected to ensure a clear warning remains available during the time the board is tilted up or down.

A lightweight alloy construction makes this system suitable for placement on smaller vehicles, work vehicles and support frames.

As an option you may extend this board with the automatic arrow board.

Benefits & Features

  • interconnected signalling between running lights and warning lights
  • lightweight alloy construction
  • suitable for installation on smaller vehicles, roof-rails and frames
  • user-friendly control unit with LCD-screen
  • cost effective and affordable way to control traffic
  • available for priority vehicles
  • available in 2 versions: DAKP3-A, DAKP3-B



  • H x W x L: 30 - 150 cm x 135 cm x 144 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • LED lights: 150 mm L2H; 22 yellow, 6 in yellow, red or blue
  • 12V or 24V (optional)

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