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The Large TMA is our biggest and full option mounted attenuator.

With the height adjustable lift of 8 meters and fully equipped Variable Messaging LED board (EN 12966 class) it is the perfect companion to indicate and protect your work zone.
The TMA and LED sign can be controlled from within the truck cabin, increasing safety during deployment.


Ref: Large Julietta TMA L24100


Other TMA types we offer:

Features & Benefits

Extra features compared to the Basic and Max TMA:

  • Height adjustable lift up to 8m
  • Equipped with Variable Messaging LED board
  • TMA and warning or LED board can be controlled from within truck cabin for added safety and ease of use
  • Standard mounted marker lights
  • COC compliant rear bumper
  • Maximum of 3 connections with your truck: lights, control and optional 24V pass through
  • 50 pre-programmed LED board traffic situations and animations
  • In-house developed electronics control for low power usage


Standard features:

  • Effective and fully tested impact energy absorption system
  • Cartridge-type crash cushion system guarantees quick replacement and reduced operational costs
  • Mounted and detached from the supporting truck within minutes
  • Energy absorbing fibreweb material, withstands corrosion, moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • Two component rubber based coating for sealing and protection
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame

General specifications

  • Tested at the highest level (TL-3)
  • Passed all mandatory requirements according the NCHRP Report 350 guidelines
  • Tested on US specific pickup trucks and EU uni-body vehicles (including 3-52 and 3-53 tests)


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Tested at the highest level

  • Passed all mandatory requirements according the NCHRP Report 350 guidelines.
  • Tested on US specific pickup trucks and EU uni-body vehicles (including 3-52 and 3-53 tests).


  • To minimize unavailability during repair and reduce down-time involved costs, the “Julietta” attenuator system is designed with a cartridge-type crash cushion: it can be replaced within an hour!
  • The system can be detached or mounted to the supporting truck within minutes, making it one of the most efficient TMA systems in regards to deployment on the market today.

High quality finish

  • While most manufacturers use aluminium honeycomb structures which are difficult to protect and prone to atmospheric corrosion - as aluminium is a very reactive material - Stuer-Egghe uses an energy absorbing fibreweb material as the energy dissipating material.
  • The protected fibreweb material withstands corrosion, moisture or temperature fluctuation and will ensure the absorption of a collision after many years of usage, even in the most extreme weather conditions.
  • To protect the “Julietta” attenuator systems, all cartridges are covered in a two component rubber based coating to seal off and protect the crash cushion against stone-chipping, salt, small impacts and scratches.
  • The structure itself is build as a uni-body without any bolted, screwed connections or moving parts to eliminate the possibility of cracks or any play due to vibrations during everyday use.
  • All supporting structures and protective parts are hot-dip galvanized to ensure the device will remain trouble free for years to come.

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